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  • York and Teesside win NEUAL matches E6 and N5 with 2097 and 1951. See NEUAL 2018/19 page. Results from NEUAL matches E5, W5, N4 and also W6 have not yet been published. Match E4 was postponed. [18/Feb/19 20:30]

  • Imperial win SEAL match 3, with 2175. Southampton, a good 50 behind on 2121, but nearly 50 ahead of third placed Reading's 2072. London were 6th in the match and went from 3 ahead to 2 behind Imperial at the top of the table. Southampton won the novice match. See SEAL 2018/19 page. [18/Feb/19 18:30]

  • In SWWU match 4, only 11 points covered the top three teams. Swansea took top spot with 2144, with Exeter second on 2138 and Bristol third on 2133. Exeter will lead the senior table by 7 points. Bristol won the novice match. See SWWU 2018/19 page. [18/Feb/19 18:30]

  • Results from BUCS Northern Qualifier, hosted by Napier, were published live on ianseo, see the BUCS Indoor section for full details. A total of 400 archers took part. The list of those who have qualified for the National Finals will not be known until after the Southern Qualifier, which takes place at K2 Crawley on Sat 23rd Feb. [18/Feb/19 17:30]

  • De Montfort, Warwick wins new editorial published. Full results (including two new All Unis records) and updated league tables have been published following BUTTS match 4, see BUTTS 2018/19 page. Warwick blast in 2319, the highest score of the regional league season so far to extend their lead to 4 points, with only BUTTS Indoors to go. Birmingham were second on 2258, but were closely pursued by Nottingham on 2251. Loughborough and Oxford also cleared 2200. Cambridge won the novice fixture. Results from second BUTTS div 2 fixture have been published, see BUTTS 2018/19 page. De Montfort win the match comfortably with Coventry second. Hosts Northampton were third, but stay second in the overall standings. Two All Unis were broken, both in experienced gents categories. Compound Kai Thomas-Prause (Warwick) shot 596, whilst barebow Matt Waters (Nottingham) shot exactly 550 to break their records by 1 and 6 points respectively. [updated 14/Feb/19 13:00]

  • Pitman pitstops oldest record new editorial published. See NEUAL 2018/19 page, results from NEUAL matches W4 and N3 have been published. Central Lancashire and Northumbria won the senior matches, with Central Lancashire and Teesside winning the novice equivalents. There was an All Unis record, breaking the oldest one on the books, experienced ladies recurve Portsmouth. Bryony Pitman (Northumbria) scored 596, beating the mark of 593 from Alison Williamson shot at BUSA (BUCS) Indoors back in 2003. [updated 11/Feb/19 10:00]

  • Strath surge and SSS shocks new editorial published. Results from an eventful SSS match 4 have been published see SSS 2018/19 page. Round was a Worcester. Strathclyde won the match - the fourth different winner from 4 SSS matches this season. Aberdeen were second, Napier third and St Andrews fourth. Edinburgh's entry was late and they were capped to 5 archers - they only fielded 3 recurves (all novices) and fell to 7th in the match. Edinburgh won the novice match comfortably and the compound match on golds from Heriot-Watt. In the senior recurve table, St Andrews and Strathclyde now lead by 2 points from Edinburgh, with one match remaining. Edinburgh lead the novice and compound leagues by 5 and 7 points respectively. [04/Feb/19 15:30]

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