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  • Three is the magic number - new editorial published. BUCS have added an extra Regional Qualifying event for 2020 and announced the three sets of Qualifying hosts and dates, see BUCS Indoors section and Calendar. Manchester Met will host Central Qualifying on Sat 15th Feb, with Napier and Bristol hosting Northern and Southern Qualifying on Sat 22nd Feb. Pre-Qualifying minimum score requirement to be eligible for Regional Qualifying remains the same as last year. As previously published, the National Finals will take place in Warwick on Sat 14th Mar. Entries will open on Tue 26th Nov and close on Tue 21st Jan. [17/Oct/19 15:00]

  • Passport to Ireland - new editorial published. Article has updates on the Irish university league, in particular the addition of ISAA league results from 2012/13 season onwards and a mini-review of the 2018/19 season battle between NUI Galway and UC Dublin. Also, there are two additions to the UKSAA Club Directory, both in Northern Ireland, Queens and Ulster. [04/Oct/19 13:30]

  • Details of the Uni Field Champs have now been confirmed. It will take place on Saturday 26th October at Daventry Rugby Club in Northamptonshire. Entry fee is 5 and the entry deadline is Monday 14th October. Those entering from outwith BUTTS league clubs are asked to contact organiser Jack Atkinson as soon as possible, to gauge demand. [02/Oct/19 16:30]

  • E'll be back - new editorial published. The E-League is being relaunched by the BUCS EMG. All clubs will need to re-register on the new E-League website - itself still under construction. The 5 round Portsmouth structure of the E-League is the same as before. Scores for Round 1 must be shot in either September or October and must submitted by 5th November. Results for Rounds 4 and 5 of last season are still unavailable. [30/Sep/19 14:00]

  • BUTC 2020 bid deadline has been announced. Bid documents must be emailed to UKSAA by Monday 21st October. For full details, see BUTC Tournament Info and Hosting Info pages. Interested clubs are strongly recommended to get in touch with UKSAA beforehand to discuss particulars, including a competition date. [27/Sep/19 14:30]

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