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  • Entry information for BUCS Indoors, including the window for entries, qualifying scores and cost has all now been published. [16/Nov/18 15:30]

  • Results from the first batch of NEUAL fixures have all now been published, see NEUAL 2018/19 page. There were wins for Durham, Sheffield and Keele, with Durham's 2115 comfortably the highest score from the seven teams in action. [16/Nov/18 15:30]

  • "Warwick 1-1 Birmingham" new editorial published, discussing BUTTS League match 1 and E-League Round 1, where Warwick were 1st and 2nd and Birmingham were 2nd and 1st. [16/Nov/18 14:00]

  • E-League Round 1 results were published yesterday - full E-League round 1 results are on the E-League website. Birmingham top score in Division 1 Round 1, with Warwick a close second, Liverpool a distant third. Scores shot in November count towards E-League Round 2. [12/Nov/18 10:00]

  • BUTTS match 1 skeleton results published, see BUTTS 2018/19 page. Warwick win the fixture with 2313. Birmingham withstood the challenge of Loughborough 2279 to 2271. Oxford and Nottingham were similarly close on 2172 and 2165. Birmingham won the novice match. Results in full to follow. [12/Nov/18 10:00]

  • Confirmation of SWWU match 1 results to follow. Provisional results give win to Exeter, with Bath and Plymouth in second and third, with Swansea having won the novice fixture. [12/Nov/18 10:00]

  • "Northumbria return in style" new editorial published. Article includes NUTC results summary and three regional leagues (NEUAL, BUTTS and SWWU) all starting this weekend, plus a correction to NEUAL Outdoors from the summer. Northumbria who return to NEUAL after a 6 year absence, win NUTC beating hosts Bradford in the final. Hull win bronze. Results in full not yet published. [09/Nov/18 14:30]

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