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  • Please make sure your Club Contact details are correct on UKSAA, see the Club Directory. [18/Sep/18 13:00]

  • Interested in hosting BUTC 2019? Email UKSAA if you might be (& without committing yourself to anything!). Learn more in the BUTC section. [05/Sep/18 13:30]

  • "18 certificate" new editorial published, with some looks back to the best of the season just finished and some of the new names who will be organisers for the season ahead. [03/Sep/18 17:00]

  • The 2018/19 E-League is now open for business, see the E-League section. For round 1, scores (Portsmouths) may be shot at any time during September or October (including other competitions) and submitted by 5th November. You may submit as many scores as you wish, but only the highest one will be considered. More detail on the E-League website. In last season's Division 1, Warwick won the first two legs, but Birmingham won the last three to overhaul them. [01/Sep/18 14:30]

  • Alice Robinson is the new BUCS Events Co-ordinator for Archery. The make-up of the BUCS Events Management Group for Archery has also been confirmed, with Bethany Woodcock-Dexter the Admin, see the BUCS EMG page. The EMG is scheduled to meet in September. Anyone with an issue to raise should email it to the EMG address by Fri 7th Sep. [22/Aug/18 13:30]

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Central Lancashire, Kent,
Teesside & Warwick 21st Sep
Aberystwyth, Bristol,
Plymouth & Swansea 18th Sep
York 14th Sep
Birmingham 12th Sep
Leeds 4th Sep

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