Neil Rogers (BUCS Head of International Programmes)
Claire Powell (BUCS International Administrator)
Ed Curran (BUCS Sports Manager for Archery) | FISU Archery


  • 2019 (30th) Summer Universiade will take place in Naples, Italy, from 3rd to 14th July, archery on 9th to 13th
  • Tournament website


  • Qualification Process
  • Eligibility - Competitors for the UK team must usually be:
    • At least 17 and less than 28 years of age (from 2019, maximum of 25 years of age)
    • A UK national. Non-UK students at UK universities should contact their "home" equivalent of BUCS.
    • Either officially registered as proceeding towards a degree or diploma at a university or similar institute or have obtained their academic degree or diploma in the year preceding the event.

Future Events

  • 2019 - (30th) Summer Universiade (Naples, Italy)
  • 2020 - no event
  • 2021 - (31st) Summer Universiade (to be allocated)


  • 2017 (29th) Summer Universiade (Taipei, Taiwan) Squad, Website, Results
  • 2016 (11th) World University Champs (Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia) Squad, ianseo results
  • 2015 (28th) Summer Universiade (Gwangju, South Korea) Squad, Website, ianseo results
  • 2014 (10th) World University Champs (Legnica, Poland) Squad, Website, Postcard (from Amyce Aurora-Smith)
  • 2012 (9th) World University Champs (Cordoba, Spain) DNS, Website
  • 2011 (26th) Summer Universiade (Shenzhen, China) DNS, Website
  • 2010 (8th) World University Champs (Shenzhen, China) Squad, Website
  • 2009 (25th) Summer Universiade (Belgrade, Serbia) Squad, Website
  • 2008 (7th) World University Champs (Tainan, Taiwan) Squad, Website, Postcard
  • 2006 (6th) World University Champs (Vinicne, Slovakia) Squad, Website
  • 2005 (23rd) Summer Universiade (Izmir, Turkey) Squad, Website, Photos, Postcard (from Andrew Callaway)
  • 2004 (5th) World University Champs (Madrid, Spain) Squad, Website, Photos
  • 2003 (22nd) Summer Universiade (Daegu, South Korea) Squad, Website
  • 2002 (4th) World University Champs (Chonburi, Thailand) Squad, Postcard (from Dave Spinner)
  • 2000 (3rd) World University Champs (Madrid, Spain) Squad
  • 1998 (2nd) World University Champs (Taoyuan, Taiwan) Squad
  • 1996 (1st) World University Champs (Vaulx-en-Velin, France) Squad

Other Information

Universiades v World University Archery Championships.

The World University Games or Universiade is a multi-sport event that takes place every 2 years (in odd numbered years) with core and guest sports. There is a Summer and a Winter Universiade. Non-core sports usually have a stand alone World University Championships held every 2 years (in even numbered years). However, if a sport is a guest sport for a three consecutive Universiades it becomes a compulsory sport, with the separate World University Championship discontinued.

FITA announced in June 2012 that archery becomes a compulsory Universiade sport from 2019 onwards. (FITA, FISU). The final World Uni Archery Champs took place in 2016.