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Although I pretty much write all of the UKSAA site myself, there are certain people/sites without which, the whole affair simply would not be possible.

  • Claire Hitchen - Thanks to my girlfriend - withour her, there would be absolutely no site at all.
  • ACME - Archery Competitions Made Easy, including Ian McGibbon, Dave Spinner, Andy Somers, Paul Williamson, Andrew Phillips, Keith Kunpha, Gavin Simmons, Michael Ward.
  • The Regional League Organisers
  • Tao Klerks and Lucy Spackman. Tao taught me html from scratch to help update the Edinburgh Uni AC site and I maintained this site from 1999-2001 with Lucy Spackman.
  • Jono Ellis who did most of the site structure and CSS for the current, post-Geocities site


Most websites have some sort of disclaimer so here is mine.

The UKSAA is not official in any way. It is currenty updated solely by me, Stewart Barclay, formerly of Edinburgh and Napier Uni ACs, and as such mistakes found here are generally my fault. I do try to keep everything as up-to-date and accurate as possible, but essentially the UKSAA site is a hobby. If you spot a mistake, let me know as soon as possible!

I don't hoard unpublished material. If what you want isn't here it's normally because I don't have it. Up to date contact details and match results are particularly gratefully received.

The UKSAA is independent with no sponsorship and has no financial basis - so you can't sue me until I flog it for a billion dollars. UKSAA cannot accept liability for any losses or disruption incurred from inaccurate information displayed on the site. When I'm writing reviews and editorial articles I try to be as fair as possible, but any opinions expressed on the site are mine unless clearly indicated otherwise (e.g. interviews).

UKSAA and...

  • ACME It just so happens I write this website and am a member of ACME. Neither is responsible for the other, although the UKSAA can report very quickly on ACME competitions, as long as I don't forget what happened.
  • BUTC. The UKSAA website provides the framework for the BUTC bidding process.
  • BUCS, the E-League and all Regional Leagues. UKSAA is usually in close touch with the relevant organisers, but is not responsible for them.